18 May

Got a bit caught up in the cyclone of life. Still living in Richmond, our 12-month lease expires next month. Looking to stay on at the apartment on a monthly basis. There’s 4 of us living in a tiny 3 bedroom apartment now and it’s a happy home. Will post more with pics and all that jazz later.


New and York Sts

22 Aug

I think I found my local. Place is called New York Tomato, located on the corner of – wait for it – New St and York St. It’s right by North Richmond station, just off Victoria St before Hoddle, about two tram stops from the apartment.

It’s fucken awesome. I was hungry when we got there and boy, that food really hit the spot. I had something with eggs on sourdough toast with salmon and fresh chilli (yes, that’s how they spell that here!). Oh and beets. I didn’t even know I liked beets. But it was GREAT. Nom nom nom indeed.

The last 20 days

20 Aug

Have been pretty awesome. Sometimes I have a lot of food in the pantry, sometimes I forget to do a foodshop or I don’t have time so I’ve been either really really hungry or very very full. It’s an exciting life.

Also, what I’ve discovered is that $60 worth of groceries weighs a FUCKING ton! Honestly I don’t even remember what I got. It must have been the bread. I think all up, I spend maybe between $20 to $30 a week on groceries. I don’t know if that’s normal but I’m pretty sure it’s not excessive. What drives the expenses up really fast are chips, soda and general junk food. I hardly even miss it now. Well I may indulge in some skittles every now and then.

So all the chicken have been consumed. I’ve been a bit more confident with cooking. I still stick to food I don’t have to cook, mainly because I don’t really have time to spend half an hour cooking myself dinner every night. Most people think I’m really healthy because I eat a lot of lettuce. And carrots. Mmm. And I bring in a lot of bread rolls with ham, salami and cheese in them. Today I had a sausage roll. I’m sure everyone’s jealous. I’ve started getting a bit adventurous too. I bought fetta (yeah that’s how they spell it here!) cheese, which cost me a fortune, so I might not do that again anytime soon. I also got olives and capsicum (yeah, just regular red pepper) as well, to put in my salad. Mix in a bit of tuna and I’ve got lunch!

I introduced new things to my pantry in my last foodshop. I got potatoes, I’m going to make myself mash. I already know how to make it but I’ve never made it just for me. It’s a milestone, really.

Apart from that, I drink tea around the clock, I hardly even drink coffee now which I miss from time to time. I have plans of procuring a coffee machine for the apartment. I did learn how to make coffee several months ago, after all. Would be nice to put that skill to good use.

I’ve pretty much consumed everything I get, save for that milk that expired before I was able to finish it. Oh and some mushrooms I forgot I had. That could have made a nice mushroom omelette. Speaking of which, I’ve gotten dangerously good at making them. One night I was making one that was particularly gorgeous, I recognised it and was proud. I guess I got cocky so when it came time to flip it, I did so in a sort of offhand “I’m bored with my amazingness” manner. Of course I overshot the omelette and it hit the side of the pan and flicked ham and egg bits on the floor. Boo.

Gotta have a bit of drama I suppose hehe.

The fried chicken

1 Aug

Is a roaring success! I’m eating it now and it’s crunchy and golden brown on the outside and soft and moist on the inside! I didn’t overcook it and it tastes great! I probably could have kept them cooking a minute longer but yea it’s cool. Less could be said about the rice though, which is embarrassingly dry (I’m thinking it’s because the cooker is broken and leaks in the middle of nuking in the microwave). But yeah, I was really worried about it but it’s awesome. Sorry the photo’s out of focus.

I bought a kilo of chicken “drummettes” with my sister and she helped me marinate them in salt, pepper, paprika, garlic salt and something else I’ve forgotten and I separated them in 3 freezer bags of 5. I cooked the first batch tonight after much hem and hawing. Oh I can’t get over how good it tastes!

So I’ve kind of dropped the ball on living alone for the past week now. I’ve needed to do the groceries since last week. The milk has gone off which I risked putting a bit of in my cereal last night cos I was starving. My tummy seems to have kept it down alright. The milk’s all thrown away now, much to my dismay at my wastefulness. The cheese is done, the eggs are gone, I’ve got no bread, the honey’s nearly finished, I’m running low on my tins of tuna and I haven’t had salad in ages. Oh and I think I ate spoiled salami and ham. They were a bit slimy when I took them out of their plastic bag a few days ago. I found out two days ago that that’s really not a good thing. I risked it and I’ve been okay, no panic rushing to the toilet this week. Having said that, I probably shouldn’t make a habit of that.

Good stuff!

Orient Express

1 Aug

Had a coffee and a ham croissant at the café near the corner of Church. The place is mainly an antique store with a little café. We ordered our food and coffees and sat in the middle of all these old expensive things that looked like they’ve had a long and exhausted journey from China. Food was ok but the vibe was a bit weird. I suppose the café mostly gets regulars and maybe they don’t get a lot of new faces. I dunno, it was nice but I think we’re still on the hunt for our local coffee hangout.

French fry is no small fry

27 Jul

H2 and I went to check out Pub Poker at the pub downstairs. It’s on every Tuesday and Friday and we thought it was about time we check out the pub, we’ve been living here for over a month already! H1 stayed home because she was feeling feverish, probably from playing housewife and cleaning all weekend. It’s my turn in 2 weeks, I’m thinking maybe I can afford to pay a cleaner to do that.

Anyway it was fun! The crowd was local and friendly and it was a mixed bag of young ‘uns and oldies, it was a nice little social thing. We signed up and this guy named Noodle explained how ranking and the point system work. I wasn’t really paying attention so I dunno how it goes. I just wanted to play poker!

So H1’s poker name is AMP, because that’s her initials she said. I don’t have any vowels in my initials and I didn’t think it was going to be very exciting anyway so I struggled to think of a good poker name. I looked around the place for inspiration and all I could see was some lady enjoying her chips. I thought, hey French Fry rolls off the tongue nice. So that’s what I wrote down.

We played two rounds and I didn’t do too badly! I had a full house on the first hand and a few not so bad ones as the night progressed. I made it to the top three in the third round. I could have made it further if I hadn’t gone all in in that last hand, I just knew in my head it wasn’t the right time! Amateur!

Anyway Amp and I headed back there next Tuesday and H1, who doesn’t know how to play, will be joining us. Ah nice family time!

Milk and eggs

7 Jul

Last week, I got sick to death of eggs. I made omelettes, fried eggs, scrambled eggs and french toast. I am over them. One of my housemates left me half a dozen eggs and asked me to eat them because she’ll be away for 3 weeks. Looks like I am having a few more this week.

This week I made the mistake of buying another carton of milk. The white carton is my emergency milk (UHT) in case I run out of fresh milk. Sister gave pretty good advice because I did run out of fresh milk a few days ago. So I started on the emergency milk, as you do.

Now for the conflict in the story: I did a bit of a food shop a few nights ago, and forgot that I still had my eMilk and promptly bought a liter of fresh milk (the blue one)!

Now I have the colossal challenge of using up the eMilk quickly and then getting on to the fresh milk. Its use by date is the 10th, which doesn’t really give me a lot of time! I love milk as much as the next girl but being forced to drink it is just blech!